Demian Turner / Software Developer
last updated: 25.04.2012


Demian Turner is proficient in advanced programming methodologies and has lead development teams at Seagull Systems, Kindo, Open X and Smartec. He has 12 years experience in building web-based software and is fluent in the LAMP stack, web APIs and standards, UML, Object Oriented Analysis and Design and Linux administration. He has more recently spent 4 years with Cocoa and Apple's iOS platform, managed a team that has delivered 22 mobile app and personally built several native mobile and desktop apps.

Employing agile methodologies he has delivered a range of complex and maintainable solutions on time and budget.

Demian Turner is also passionate about Open Source and has founded and maintains the Seagull framework project, and has contributed to a number of other projects including SimpleTest, Open X and PEAR.


Programming Languages: PHP, Objective C/Cocoa, Java, JSP/Servlets, ASP/VBscript, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, C, Perl, SmallTalk

Markup Languages: XML, XML Schema, XSLT, XHTML, XUL, CSS, WML, DocBook

App frameworks: Seagull, Zend framework, Horde, CakePHP, symfony, Ruby on Rails, Django

Javascript frameworks: jQuery, Prototype, Scriptaculous

Google services: Checkout, Adwords, Adsense, Webmaster tools, Analytics, Chart, Base, Docs, Maps, Pages, Picasa, Calendar, gData,

Methodologies: XP, Agile, Scrum

Web Standards:Atom, RSS, FOAF, OpenID, hCard, hCalendar, XFN

Databases: MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Access

Messaging: REST, SOAP, XML-RPC

Servers: Apache, Tomcat, IIS, Orion, Qmail, Majordomo

SysAdmin: Webalizer, Samba, Bind, Sendmail, MySQL admin, logrotate, crontab, webalizer, WebTrends, MRTG, ipchains, ntop, bash scripting, sed, awk

Design: UML, OOP/OOD principles and design patterns, n-tiered web applications, database design

PHP projects: PEAR, Mambo/Joomla, Max/Open X, phpDocumentor, SimpleTest, Smarty, ADOdb, osCommerce, phpcollab, phpBB, YaBB, WordPress, Vanilla, Phorum, phpMyAdmin, Geeklog, PHPNuke, PostNuke, SquirrelMail, phpMailer

E-business Platforms: Broadvision, Weblogic, SAP

People Skills: Project management, specifications, presentations

Operating System: OS X, RedHat 6+, Fedora, Mandrake, Suse, OS X, Microsoft Windows 9x/NT/2k/XP/Vista, Symbian

Tools: PHPstorm, Zend Studio, Eclipse, JBuilder, Poseidon, DBdesigner, svn, CVS, Visual SourceSafe, MS Project, Visio, VMWare

Graphic: 3D Studio Max, Softimage, Maya, Photoshop, Flash, Premiere

Spoken Languages: English, Spanish, French and minimal German


Open University: MSc, Software Development
Milton Keynes, UK, (incomplete, Apr 2004)

Concordia University: BFA
Montreal, Canada, graduated June 1994

John Abbott College: DEC
Montreal, Canada, graduated June 1990


[Mar 2008 - present]

Director, iOS and PHP Development
Seagull Systems, London, UK

Since 2000 as a freelancer, and 2008 as limited company, Seagull Systems has focused on delivering software solutions for iOS and the web. My team of iOS developers, web developers and graphic designers have built tools, apps and delivered solutions to customers based in Europe and North America. To date we have 22 apps in the Apple App Store, here is a selection of our work that is publicly available:

[Aug 2011 - Dec 2011]

Cocoa Development, Seagull Systems
Doris Desktop, Productivity, London, UK
  • built a desktop client for the Doris productivity web service
  • native Cocoa app
  • web service integration

[Jun 2010 - Aug 2010]

PHP Development, Seagull Systems
Soluo CRM, London, UK
  • worked with the Soluo team helping to create their CRM product
  • worked on database schema, ERD, ORM
  • some frontend integration
  • Yii framework

[Jun 2009 - Sep 2009]

PHP Development, Seagull Systems
Eureka Financial, Financial Training, London, UK
  • planned and developed financial training site that offers hundreds of courses and user registration
  • managed team of devs for part of the work
  • integrated Seagull CMS for content backend: courses, trainers, banner exchange
  • setup Google Adwords and Analytics with goals and conversions, webmaster tools, SEO optimisation, Twitter, Campaign monitor
  • Seagull framework, jQuery

[Jan 2009 - May 2009]

Project Mgnt & PHP Dev, Seagull Systems
Francophilia, E-Commerce, London, UK
  • spec'd project and managed team that created fully transactional e-commerce community portal for expats living in France
  • we built a multi vendor e-commerce app, similar in style to Etsy, that allowed users to create shops, upload products and buy and sell goods online
  • Paypal integration
  • Seagull framework, jQuery, YAML CSS framework
  • did some backend development and integration

[May 2008 - Aug 2009]

PHP Development, Seagull Systems
Doris Productivity App Productivity, London, UK
  • Doris is a task management application that allows users to manage their tasks lists via web, mobile and desktop clients
  • developed data model, task management, translation engine, user management
  • built a REST API that provides data XML, JSON and JSONP
  • created commandline build and deployment system
  • did backend integration for iPhone app
  • Seagull framework, PEAR, jQuery, YAML CSS framework
  • some frontend integration, created site copy, promo material, ran social media campaigns that resulted in 15k signups in 5 months
  • organised community translation of the site: 15 languages including Arabic

[Oct 2008 - Dec 2008]

Frontend and BroadVision Development, Seagull Systems
Motability Finance Vehicle Sales, London, UK
  • updated the company's Virtual Showroom app to a web 2.0 UI
  • jQuery and CSS for interface
  • business logic integration with BroadVision CRM/Enterprise portal system

[May 2008 - July 2008]

PHP Development, Seagull Systems
Artflock Social Network for Artists, London, UK
  • created modules for User, Event and Artwork management with the Seagull framework
  • with a colleague we extended the Artflock application to include a website builder tool which allows non-technical users to build their own website online and generates static copies uploaded to commercial hosting accounts
  • skills: Apache configuration, Linux administration, PHP development, PEAR, frontend HTML/Javascript/CSS

[Apr 2007 - Mar 2008]

CTO, PHP Development
Kindo Family social network, London, UK
  • built highly scalable family social network app
  • web 2.0 Ajax/Flash interface
  • translation engine that enabled editors to create 14 translations in 12 weeks including Arabic, Chinese and Russian
  • MySQL 5 backend using all latest features: procs, views, functions, triggers
  • automated deployment process
  • AMF PHP Flash/PHP bridge
  • Graphviz social graph rendering
  • extensive reporting backend
  • event notification system
  • photo sharing

[Aug 2005 - Apr 2007]

PHP Development, Seagull Systems
Various, London, UK
  • Babyfy - reviews on baby equipment
  • Artflock is an online creative community where you can buy and sell original art and craft
  • Language Army Translations and multilingual services
  • Open X consulting

[Oct 2003 - July 2005]

Principal PHP Developer
Open X, London, UK
  • helped build scalable adserving network delivering 7M impressions/hour at peak
  • built data harvesting service for aggregating statistical data from server farm
  • introduced and implemented coding standards, API docs, testing, source code control, library usage, framework usage
  • built graphical forecasting app for predicting adserving trends
  • helped build keyword search bid management app that integrates various search engine backends including Overture and Google
  • built PHP interface to Overture's Advertiser Web Services implementing an XMLschema object brokering
  • built Google Adwords screen-scraping client, API manages authentication and exposes majority of the functionality of the Google app
  • built a number of company-related sites with the Seagull framework

[Aug 2000 - Oct 2003]

Founder, Lead Developer
Seagull Systems, UK/Spain/Canada
  • Seagull Application Framework - An open source app framework featuring:
    • authentication
    • authorisation
    • templating
    • workflow
    • rapid application development
    • easy-to-customise modular components
    • user/group management
    • content management
    • document management
    • category management
    • messaging
    • error handling
    • alerts
    • did code and CSS for project site with registration,newsletter and member features
    • migrated project to Trac for project management and issue tracking
    • helped integrate a number of 3rd party projects into framework: Serendipity, SimpleTest, Gallery2, FUDforum, phpOpenTracker
    • built a URI aliasing system for search engine friendly URIs
    • created a task-based installer with multistep Quickform wizard
    • implemented all modules as PEAR packages with relevant dependency solving, setup PEAR channel
    • built a system for point-and-click system upgrades in the web interface, similar to Firefox extensions
  • Matchpoints Dating - A partner search destination with the following features:
    • complex 7 stage registration process
    • serverside image processing
    • points engine
    • profile management
    • instant messaging
    • alerts
    • favourites
    • works without cookies
    • user administration tools
  • Land and Building Co - A site that manages real estate resources and business processes. Functionality includes user management, document management, CMS, project/job managers, group collaboration, navigation generator, a properties directory, ratings tool
  • Nelmar Security Systems - I built the user management system
  • Prove IT Recruitment - A tech recruitment site, allows admins to post jobs, receive uploaded CVs and and job specifications
  • PHPkitchen - A site dedicated to Open Source and the PHP community
  • Typing Angels Business Services - The site is a document archival system for transferring and storing digital documents, job assignment, logging transactions and managing users

[July - Sept 2003]

Senior PHP Developer
Eurosystems, Riga, Latvia
  • helped lead team in converting large portal from ASP to PHP
  • redesigned payment gateway with PHP / SOAP solution
  • introduced and implemented coding standards, API docs, source code control, library class usage, error handling/debug techniques
  • updated SQL Server stored procedures to overcome PHP/Unix compatibility issues

[Nov 2001 - Oct 2002]

Lead PHP Developer
Smartec MPJ, Madrid, Spain
  • ACN Press - ACN Press is a news portal based in the Canary Islands that publishes 100+ articles a day. The site features local and international news in 10 channels, a user management system with permissions-based profile editing and a publishing system that manages all the news content. The portal also manages content syndication with XML news feeds to over a dozen destinations updated 12 times an hour.
  • Grupo VIPS - I did a promotions tool for this well-know Spanish restaurant chain. The application allows for user registration, member card validation, and distribution of single-use coupons. Behind the scenes is a mailing tool that handles 25k+ mailouts
  • Autogrill Foods - Features a content management system that allows admins to post articles and dynamically create new menu items and recipe content
  • Domingo Alonso Group - The project involved creating an extensive extranet that could handle CMS, DMS, user management, templating, dynamic polls & surveys and a newsletter manager
  • Spanish European Parliament - I did some maintenance on this site
  • Glamourosa Fashion Portal - More maintenance

[Jul 2000 - Oct 2001]

Web Developer
Axon Group, Egham, UK
  • Motability Finance - I developed a Virtual Showroom app in Broadvision that allowed dealers to view snapshots of the vehicle database with their own resellers' pricing markup and a personalised look and feel.
  • RS Components - I worked on the html layouts and planning involved in upgrading the site to Broadvision 5.5. I helped internationalise the registration process and online payment systems.
  • Barclays - I worked on the UI design, creating new layouts and managing the content delivery.

[Jan 1999 - Jul 2000]

Web Developer
Interactive Investor Intl, London, UK
  • Holden Meehan IFA - I was responsible for the site's template build, database integration and project management.
  • Stocktrade - I managed a revamp of the Stocktrade site which is currently listed in the top 5 UK online equity trading destinations. I built the JSPs and helped integrate price feeds and live market data from Perl modules and a share-dealing Java component.
  • Standard Life - I designed and built the HTML templates for this JSP portal tailored for Standard Life's independent financial advisors. The modular style of the portal allows one stylesheet to be used throughout all the zones to give a look of uniformity while maintaining variety in each section.
  • James Brearley & Sons Stockbrokers - I was responsible for the project management, graphic design, site build, content fill and remote publishing template build.
  • NcoTec Ventures - I was responsible for the graphic design, content, layout and navigation of this site.
  • Cayman Islands Monetary Authority - This is essentially a brochureware site, I was responsible for translating the customer's existing print-based image into an appropriate web counterpart.
  • The M&G Group - I redeveloped the site's navigation and built a templated layout

[Jul 1997 - Dec 1998]

Designer, Developer
LE Internet Solutions, Surbiton, UK
  • I worked on over 30 sites during my year and a half at this company, most of them however are no longer online
Selected Experience:

PhpCon 2004: Seagull Introduction
Poznan, Poland, Dec 2004

PhpLondon Meetup: Seagull Overview
London, UK, Nov 2004

PhpLondon Meetup: Object Relational Mapping Overview
London, UK, Mar 2005